Learn The Signs Of Mental Illness

How do you know that you may be struggling with a mental illness?

This question is not so simple.  There is no exact yes or no.  If you have noticed a change in your overall mood, health, or physical wellbeing, you may want to seek a professional opinion from a professional doctor or clinician.  One or two of the following symptoms may indicate a need for further evaluation.  If these symptoms are affecting your functioning in completing daily activities, work, school, or interpersonal relationships, please consult a professional.  If you are experiencing self-harming behaviors, suicidal thoughts, or intents, please contact someone immediately.  Resources can be located on this website.


  • sleep changes
  • appetite changes
  • concentration issues
  • problems making decisions
  • mood changes
  • withdrawal 
  • avoidance
  • social isolation
  • interpersonal issues 
  • apathy
  • feeling disconnected
  • odd behavior
  • nonrational thinking
  • extreme nervousness
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