Tips to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Don’t eat or drink late

Alcohol and/or caffeine can keep you up at night and possibly make you jittery.  Eating before bed may make you have digestive issues causing you to have trouble sleeping

Engage in a self-soothing activity like a hot shower/reading

Engaging in a self-soothing activity before bed can help both your mind and body begin to relax and get ready for sleep.  No screens and lights at bed time.  These devices often tell the body and mind that you are not done with the day and to continue on active mode. 

Make sure your room is cool

If your room is too hot, you may have difficulty sleeping.  A cooler room reinforces your body’s natural tendency to sleep.  Our bodies get cooler on their own at night.  There are also theories that a cool room can increase melatonin, decrease the aging process, and prevent diseases.

Turn off all screens and lights

Night is a time to slow down and get some rest.  Take the necessary steps to help your mind and body get on board with sleeping well.

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