Your Time is Now – Take Your Life Off Of Autopilot


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Take Your Life Off Of Autopilot. Your Time is Now, set your intention this year to change the way you are living. You deserve the chance to learn strategies that help you to live in the present moment with purpose.

Become more self-aware and create the life that you want.

A Letter From The Course Instructor


Dear Perspective Course Members,

What does living your life on autopilot mean? Autopilot means you are doing something without focusing on it. Autopilot is a brain mode intended to help us from overloading with simple activities that do not require a lot of energy. Unfortunately, many of us turn to this default functioning mode as our primary operating method. We carry out our days mindlessly, performing tasks and going through the motions without much thought or reflection. The autopilot method can be a comfortable and convenient way to live, and at the same time, it can also lead to a sense of disconnection and dissatisfaction with our lives.

So, living on autopilot can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it can save time and energy by allowing our brains to follow familiar patterns and routines. It can also benefit us when completing mundane tasks or dealing with stress. However, on the other hand, living life on autopilot can prevent us from fully experiencing the here and now and hindering our ability to make conscious choices.  

One of the main downsides of living on autopilot is that it can prevent us from fully engaging with the present moment leading us to disconnect from our surroundings and ourselves. When we’re not paying attention to our surroundings and experiences, we miss out on the richness and beauty of life, causing us to feel numb or empty. We might find ourselves not knowing what or even why we are doing things. We are just moving through with automatic and preprogrammed behaviors.

Another problem with living on autopilot is that we often need to be more in control. When we are not in tune with our thoughts and feelings, we end up experiencing intense emotions and are reactive rather than responsive. We don’t know why we feel the way we do or get upset. We always find ourselves “on” and never have enough time because we go in many different directions.

The reactive and impulsive behaviors that arise from feeling out of control can lead to bad habits and poor decision-making. While we are not fully present and aware, we may make choices outside of our best interests. For example, we may find ourselves thoughtlessly snacking on junk food, staying up too late watching TV/scrolling social media, or engaging in other behaviors that are not healthy for us.

Lastly, autopilot living can lead to a lack of personal growth and development. Because we’re not actively working to improve ourselves or our circumstances, we become stagnant and stuck in our ways. Functioning like this can make it difficult to adapt to new challenges or take advantage of fresh opportunities. As a result, we can feel unhappy and unfulfilled, as if something is missing from our lives, and possibly experience a lack of motivation to make changes or pursue our goals.  

In conclusion, living life on autopilot can be easy, and at the same time, it can also bring negative consequences. We need to explore the “why” behind living on autopilot. For each individual, the answer to the “why” is different. Autopilot living can result from avoidance, stress, burnout, lack of motivation and engagement, or many other reasons. The reality is we may be living this habitual unrewarding life without opportunities, or we may have everything we need right at our figure tips. The “how” required to break the cycle and live a more purposeful and balanced life takes commitment and skill development. We can become more conscious of ourselves, others, and our surroundings. We can also actively work towards our desired goals.

Please join me in breaking out of this autopilot mindset and living a more fulfilling life.

You can act today by registering for my five-week course, Take Your Life Off Of Autopilot.

Your Time Is Now!

Thank you

Monique Johnson, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Certified Health and Wellness Coach


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